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The Orb of Loenn

An empire lies in ruins; a war is brewing; an ancient artifact is found.

The Noreyathan Empire was once the most powerful force in the world. It was unified and ruled beneath a line of powerful emperors, the Belnas Dynasty, and the three hundred years of unification led to economic prosperity and relative peace. When the last in the Belnas line died before he could take the throne, disputes arose over who would succeed his father Emperor Morios. Morios named his nephew Kaylam Loenn as his successor. When Morios died, however, few accepted Kaylam’s claim to the throne; some claimed that he was inexperienced, some said that he was incompetent, most complained that he was not of the Belnas Dynasty. Upon his ascension, the archdukes of the eight provinces all tried to claim their own right to the throne; the empire quickly crumbled into eight feuding independent states, and Kaylam was unable to return peace. The three weakest provinces were quickly absorbed by their more powerful neighbors, but the remaining five regions, at a stalemate with each other, finally made a temporary peace treaty; the archdukes each became kings of their own kingdoms. The empire had crumbled, and both peace and healthy economics had become things of the past.

Now three hundred years have passed. The empire is in ruins; plagues and wars have destroyed huge populations, entire cities are left abandoned, and bandit warlords have nearly as much power as the kings.

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